Spirit of Olympic route May 2012

Booked the date two months ago, and most fortunately the sun came out and some warmer air drifted into the riding zone. Sixteen of turned up in Muswell Hill at 07.15 a.m to ride the bones of the Olympic Road Race route, taking in the iconic and beautiful climb of Box Hill.

The route is comprised of quite busy roads, but takes in Richmond Park and Bushey Park, Walton and Byfleet before heading south on picturesque lanes via Ripley to West Horsfield. We headed over Ranmore Common in preference to the official course on the A25 via Shere and Dorking. http://www.brytonsport.com/mapTrackView/2?id=511326

There’s a tough climb at Crocknorth Road, and the vulnerability of cyclists was graphically spotlighted by a bad accident on Ranmore Common Road, resulting in a police road closure. Cyclists on mainly bling bikes were swarming up Box Hill in the sunshine. The sausage rolls and cake from the cafe are to die for. The guys who were suffering replenished their energy levels and we had a most enjoyable ride back to Muswell Hill via Buckingham Palace.

One split tyre fixed with a tyre boot, one impact puncture and two dropped chains were the only minor mechanicals en route. Great vibe, wonderful company. We’ll have to organise another ride soon.

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