Giant Propel Advanced SL 1

Size Large i.e. 57.5 cm seat tube; 58.5 cm top tube.

There is plenty of information regarding specification etc. available from a myriad of sources on the net.

Allow me to review the bike from the perspective of a very keen, quite experienced, middle-aged non-racing* male rider.

*As of 1st June 2015 the bike has been used in two closed circuit track races*

Set-up: Great care has to be taken when cutting the integrated seat post. Measure, measure and measure again.

It is light, at about 7.3 kgs with pedals. Some reviews suggest it is an uncomfortable ride. I would disagree with this. If you ride frequently, it is firm and responsive, but not uncomfortable. It picks up very smartly and holds speed very well. The only proof I have is that my times on Strava are quicker than on my TCR ADV SL.

Some of this extra speed may come from the super Zipp 404 wheels. They are a really lightweight wheelset, probably the best wheels I have ever owned.

The aero bars may take a couple of rides to get used if you are coming from a conventional round shaped bar.

The bike comes with Dura Ace 11 speed groupset which has a revised front derailleur mechanism. It was a bit trickier to set up, but works brilliantly, as does the rear shifting, which has also been modified to work with less effort.

One thing I have noticed about this bike is that is descends quicker than anything I have ever ridden, not a hint of frame wobble.

The Propel is an expensive bike, but it looks magnificent, rides fast and sure and is made by one of the master carbon fibre manufacturers.

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