A week in the life of Muswell Hill Peloton

Wednesday morning 26th March: Chilly: Big Mig, Iron MIke, PowerSaul, BianchiAlex and yours truly convened in Muswell Hill for a few anticlockwise laps of Regents Park. Kicked off with a warm up lap, progessed to 5 quick laps at around 85% intensity and finished off with one circuit flat out which was rather spoiled by a succession of red lights. Coffee outside at Feast Muswell Hill

Friday 28th March: 08:30 a.m outside the bike shop in Muswell Hill. Plastic Pete and me sporting leggings, Hugh the Quiet Assassin and BianchiAlex opting for shorts. The plan is to ride 125kms out to Ivinghoe Beacon and back. There’s a sharp, tight bite to the breeze, but after making our exit from the metropolis, we work well together via a selection of familiar and new lanes to our furthest point at Ivinghoe.

The boys’ kit decision was a good one as Pete and I need to shed clothing on the return leg. The early spring scenery is wonderful as we traverse Dunstable Downs, Gaddesden Lane and wend our way back to North London. Average Speed 28 km ph. More Coffee and food at Feast Muswell Hill

Saturday 29th March: 06:45 a.m and eight riders smash off to Regents Park. It takes precisely 14 minutes and 11 seconds for Plastic Pete to reach the Outer Circle. There’s no attempt at a warm up as we each do ten seconds on the front of the group before pulling over like the pros (we wish!). The Lion KIng, Iron Mike, Doctor Dan, Plastic Pete, The Quiet Assassin, BianchiAlex, PowerSaul and I keep up and average speed of 37 km ph for 7 laps before my legs are shredded. The climb up Swains Lane doesn’t help to dispel the pain.

Sunday 30th March: A beautiful, mild Spring morning greets us at the Lab in Muswell Hill. Peloton consists of: PP, IM, TQA, Big Mig, Patrick, RapidBen, ShuP, CS, BianchAlex, Dave and myself. The plan is about 90kms out via Barnet, around the back of Hertford as far as the lovely village of Benington and back via Tewin, Panshanger and Essendon. It’s Mothering Sunday, so some guys peel off in order to get back in time, but ShuP, womans’ solo RAAM rider 2014 keeps us company until Potters Bar before the inevitable sprint into Barnet. 91kms covered and naturally we enjoy a coffee outside at Feast Muswell Hill.

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