The Wattmeister

Saturday morning. It has been a good week of training for the Wattmeister. He feels that he is on the way back from a Bermuda Triangle of lost form. Crisps, chocolate and alcohol have been replaced by squats, leg presses and plenty of miles on the bike, (often alone into a headwind).
Just like the FTSE, his wattage has grown by 3 or 4% over the week, he is hitting figures that a rider ten, nay fifteen years his junior would be proud of. The proof of this was an unlucky third place in this morning’s Regents Park sprint. Why unlucky? Well, he followed the wrong wheel, selected the wrong gear and went too early. He was definitely fast enough to beat the younger rivals…definitely.
Unfazed by this minor setback, the Wattmeister is tucking into a full English breakfast at the Grove Café. To watch this man demolish a huge plate of calories, seemingly without chewing a mouthful, is a testament to his metabolism. He is a raging furnace which needs constant stoking, a bit like the Titanic. But perhaps that is not the perfect analogy.
This afternoon, he will try to rest in order to prepare for the Sunday club run. However, using his knowledge of the route and a process of visualisation, he will attempt to anticipate where and when the attacks will happen. Vigilance is the key factor. The steep incline just after Nettledon will see the club’s GC contenders come to the fore. It will show who is in good form. A few miles further on, the longer drag up Pedlars Hill will further decimate the group before the fast run back down Gaddesdon Row via Studham and a re-grouping at Redbourn. The Wattmesiter plans to be there alongside the heads of state. He is already making the calculations.

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