Looking ahead to Saturday A.M at Regents Park

The weather forecast for tomorrow looks benign. A full gruppetto should assemble outside the bike shop in Muswell Hill for the weekly 90 minutes of pain.

Cast list:

The Wattmeister: The Lion King: Saul the Slayer: David ‘Killer’ Kay: Big Mig: Pistol Pete: Iron Mike: Gray Goliath: Jason the Judge: The Quiet Assassin: Saville Row Simpson: Wolf: Rapid Ben: Bianchi Bethan.

Others may join us depending on domestic responsibilities, but here you have the core members of the mighty MHP peloton. We will begin with two anti clockwise warm up laps, each rider taking ten second turns on the front. The pace and intensity will then start to increase for four more laps.

Some of us will be praying for the traffic lights to change to red in order to get a brief respite from our soaring heart rates and painful lactic acid in the leg muscles.

After six laps, and come the left turn from the College of Physicians up to Parkway, some riders will be attempting a breakaway victory while the sprint contenders will be sitting in for as long as possible to deliver a thousand watt charge in the final 200 metres.

Last week The Wattmeister suffered from a case of contaminated porridge. The Wolf went on to triumph over The Slayer and The Lion King.

Big Mig and ‘Killer’ Kay were caught on Cafe Feast’s cctv footage discussing tactics for this weekend’s finale. My lip reading skills are not what they were, but it looks like an over 50s ‘long one’ is being planned. If I were them, I would start my sprint tonight to hold any chance.

Never fear, it will all be recorded on the Gray Goliath’s magic phone, (provided he remembers to switch it on).

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