Four Sausages and a Beigel

In the Muswell Hill Peloton, we love our cycling, and there’s a really good vibe in the group. Yesterday’s fast session in Regents Park was enhanced by the presence of Marmotte finisher Jo M, who has recently moved out of London town, but found time to join us on our circular jaunt. Slayer won the sprint from a big group of 15 which was whittled down to 7 following a scintillating burst from Big Mig and Professor Potter just after the left turn at the Royal College of Physicians. The Wattmeister struggled onto the podium in third place and immediately announced his retirement…until next week.

Some of the riders are taking diet very seriously. Hirsute Tom and The Doc have become so thin that they are practically transparent. They are very light, it’s only the shoulder straps on their bibshorts that stop them floating into the stratosphere.

Today saw the MHP ‘A’ and ‘B’ groups merge for the Sunday outing. the weather forecast was dire, and indeed, the last 20 kms were ridden into a stiff headwind punctuated by crashing rain. The roads were transformed into flowing rivers, but the intrepid group splashed their way home via the Three Sisters comprising Newgate, Carbone and Vineyards Hills, followed by a blind pursuit through Potters Bar and Barnet. The customary sprint to Barnet sign was more of a squint this morning taken in great style by Capt. Will.

At this point Hirsute Tom punctured so The Wattmeister stood guard lest he be blown back to Elstree and beyond. Proper Flemish hard man’s weather, good mental practice for the onset of colder weather, and above all great company.

The reward for this toil was a toasted beigel with four pork sausages.peloton

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