Sportive looming

Sunday 9th November sees the 2014 edition of the Essex Season Ender sportive. Muswell Hill Peloton will be fielding two teams. The N10 cc branch will line up with a team of seven including big names such as Duncan ‘The Destroyer’, Old Grey Socks, Jumping J, and The Professor.

The main body will comprise, The Wattmeister, Slayer, Doc, Pistol Pete and Big Mig. The average age of the two teams is rather …….old.

The 72 mile ride starts and finishes on the tarmac track at Redbridge Cycling Centre in Hainault Essex. It features a nasty little hill called ‘the Hoggenburg’ which suits The Wattmeister’s slower style of sprint finish very nicely.

To say that it’s not a race is a damned lie! For example, Old Grey Socks (N10 cc) will be doing his utmost to finish in front of The Wattmeister. Expect attacks at the food stops, attacks at the wee stops and attacks all day long. Slayer’s intentions will be revealed on the day as he often rides faster when sporting a heavy rucksack. Big Mig and Pistol will keep the pace honest, and Doc is there for a very good reason given the average age. Everyone is very polite to Doc.

N10 cc have entered a couple of riders who have not been seen on the road for a while. They may have been trained to peak fitness in the Spring and frozen during the summer months using cyropreservation, which is not currently outlawed by the UCI and WADA. It will be interesting to see how they perform and also if they are cold to the touch.

Do not be misled by the title of the sportive, The Wattmeister’s season is without end. Winter is the new Spring.

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