Compression socks

The Wattmeister’s right calf resembles a topographical map of the Peak District. Varicose veins have seized control to the extent that Iron Mike from the Muswell Hill Peloton, and Lennie ‘The Tank’ from the gym have kindly suggested that he should have them removed.

Never one to spend a pound when a penny would suffice, TW did some research and bought some compression socks; are they a fad? (hot pants, tank top….anyone?).

I know you NEVER doubt the veracity of these posts, but this is a double true story. After wearing the socks for the very first time, The Wattmeister pitched up at the gym for an evening chat weights session, having not encountered Lennie for several weeks.

Lennie’s first comment was, ” your veins look better..”, TW was taken aback, (although Lennie is not a man to play Devil’s Advocate with).

Two days later TW was out with the gang and Iron Mike remarked that his veins looked much better. So it seems that the socks, at the very least, have had a positive aesthetic effect on this condition.


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