New Pro Contract 2015

The Wattmeister’s phone has not stopped ringing this Monday morning, with several teams keen to sign him for the 2015 season.

Top of the list are CataractsRusBurgerKingZingerSenapodsAgainstConstipation, who were contacted by their chief scout on Saturday afternoon after he witnessed a scintillating but ultimately futile attack by TW in Regents Park that morning.

To indicate that this was no fluke, TW produced 1376 watts for an 1/8 of a second on Sunday morning to decimate the bewildered Muswell Hill Peloton at they prepared for the sprint to the “Welcome to Barnet” sign. Apparently, the lights were momentarily dimmed in Sydney, Australia, as The Wattmeister’s surge outside The Duke of York briefly affected the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

Buoyed by these flickers of life, the professional ranks could soon be swelled by the current KOM on the FB Finale segment (not just age related). It is to be hoped that the new employer understands that recovery is a highly important component in the senior athlete’s training programme: i.e one month on….eleven months off.

TW is looking forward to the new team kit as his bibshorts currently have a hole in the crotch.

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