Kit Wash–Where do the Socks Go?

Splattered with muddy droplets both front and rear, The Wattmeister’s bespoke clothing was in need of a thorough wash after the weekend’s outings with the Muswell Hill Peloton.

Alas, constantly riding on the front of the group into a headwind has caused some re-arrangement of the sponsors’ logos. Characters are missing. For example, the Santini logo has become —anti— and Sportful has evolved into —orful, but the good news is that the prized OmegaPharmaQuickstep jersey now simply reads Omg——Quick—-.

As the 2015 team kit will not arrive until December next year, The Wattmeister has been forced to effect a repair on the chamois in his bibshorts using vulcanising solution and a large rubber patch. The first attempt was not as successful as it might have been due to the fact that: a) the glue hadn’t dried, and b) TW had only placed a patch on the outside of the shorts.

Marginal gains are one thing, but hair loss on this part of the anatomy will probably not yield any particular aerodynamic advantage.

Where do the socks go? Who knows. I think all manufacturers should specify that washing machines have their own in-built Bermuda Triangles. It is particularly distressing for The Wattmester, who always keeps a couple of spare watts in his socks for an emergency breakaway.


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