Wattmeister and the Law

The Wattmeister does not wish to be found guilty of contempt of court, so will keep details to a minimum, but he was amazed when “Wattmeister” was called out on the jury attendance register this morning.

Passing through security, all manner of alarms were set off, firstly by his SPD SL cleats. Then his heart rate monitor belt triggered the infernal machine, and finally the trusty Topeak multi-tool, which accompanies him everywhere, was confiscated for the day.

Looking suitably resplendent in Muswell Hill Peloton team kit, complete with Oakley shades, The Wattmeister added a new dimension to the usual staid world of court fashion.

One of the court ushers, who, it turns out, rides a Pinarello Dogma, mistook him for Bradley Wiggins and would only be placated with an autograph. To be frank, a quick look round the jury room confirmed that TW was probably the fastest rouleur in attendance today.

Having said that, the stocky gent in the far corner with tan lines was a ringer for Djamolidine Abdoujaparov, the Tashkent Terror. 

It looks as if training will be curtailed this week for the purveyor of watts, but, after an exhausting end to November, it is probably time for a bit of quality recovery for the old warrior.




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