Deload Week

Having fulfilled his obligations by completing  jury service, The Wattmeister is pleasantly surprised to learn that sitting on your arse for two weeks can be viewed as an important part of training.

A deload week, or fortnight in this case, is the time spent recovering from exercise. Simply put, constant training breaks down the system and recovery is needed on a regular basis to strengthen the tendons, ligaments and muscles which are weakened by the never-ending stimulus of ‘training’.

Deloading helps to prepare the body for the increased intensity of the next phase of training. This will feature the normal Saturday and Sunday rides with Muswell Hill Peloton, but punctuated with some above threshold interval sessions and a program of leg-strengthening exercises in the gym.

Finally, all the hard work will be put to the test in the Poor Student 206 kms audax which takes place on 3rd January 2015. Here is an account from last year.





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