Sunday MHP >>> Fuelled by Cava

Not many training programs recommend an afternoon spent drinking mulled wine followed by an evening imbibing bottles of Cava, But then The Wattmeister has a maverick streak when it comes to hydration and nutrition……remember “A Chicken Wing Too Far”, a video account of the Muswell Hill Peloton ride around Regents Park the day after the club’s inaugural awards evening?

On that occasion, 5th December 2014, TW’s weakness for barbecued chicken wings entered the public domain. Two weeks later, his predilection for drinking sparkling wine until the early hours (courtsey of RaphaPaul), gave hope to fellow members of the Peloton that his performance on the bike would be somehow impaired.

True, it was a less lively Wattmeister than usual who slumped out of bed early on Sunday morning to meet up with DingleDave, BigMig, Killer Kay, Pistol, Slayer and Dick the Miller. However, by the time the group had winched its way up Barnet Hill, the previous evening’s Cava started to course through The Wattmeister’s veins resulting in a glorious ‘win’ on Coopers Lane, much to Slayer’s chagrin.

Slayer is not a man to take defeat lightly and after a series of faux sprints and hill climb engagements, the two men squared up in the sprint to the “Welcome to Barnet” sign. at this point credit must be given to Pistol and DingleDave who both did immense turns leading the group out of Potters Bar into a strong headwind (normally suits The Wattmeister down to the ground).

Slayer proved victorious this time, but the effort took so much out of the younger man that TW was able to gain revenge on the final rise up Friern Barnet Lane, just as the benefits of last night’s Cava started to wane.

December presents plenty of distractions for the committed baroudeur, (French for fighter i.e a cyclist who makes brave solo efforts), so extra kudos to the guys who managed to get to the start line this morning. Hopefully the bubbly stuff will have left The Wattmeister’s system before the WADA testers arrive.

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One Response to Sunday MHP >>> Fuelled by Cava

  1. Slayer says:

    Slayer sounds VERY strong.

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