Wisdom and Youth — a Potent Combination

The Muswell Hill Peloton convened for the weekly session of early morning laps around Regents Park. The run-up to Christmas has taken its toll on some riders as they have succumbed to the temptations of  food, drink and late nights resulting in some no-shows.

Judge, Lion King, Slayer, Killer Kay, DingleDave, Big Mig, SavilleRow Alex, The Wattmeister, Pistol and The Ringo Kid formed the nucleus of this morning’s group. A good turn out despite the cold and dark conditions.

From the outset, it was clear that The Ringo Kid had good legs (and at least twenty years on most other riders). The boy was unselfish with his turns on the front. He reminded The Wattmeister of himself back in the day when power was always on tap and recovery was the sole domain of the AA or RAC.

Judge and SavilleRow Alex were the first riders to crack (or see sense) as the westerly wind whittled down the charging group. As Ringo piled on the pressure, Big Mig, Pistol and The Wattmeister began to miss turns. At one point DingleDave was stretched to breaking point trying to hold the young lad’s wheel.

However, an elite group of seven riders entered the final lap. Pistol, Big Mig, DingleDave, Slayer, Lion King, The Wattmeister and Ringo held the outcome of the sprint between them.

With half a lap to go, TW put in a couple of big digs to try and dislodge one or two riders from the group, in a style reminiscent of Philippe Gilbert the great Belgian one day specialist. However, these efforts only succeeded in depleting the aging rouleur’s finishing kick. After his Herculean efforts, The Ringo Kid feigned tiredness with 800m to go, and tucked himself behind The Wattmeister’s rear wheel. DingleDave attacked hard with 400m to go, dragging Slayer with him, but The Ringo Kid swept past everyone to take the prize.

Strength, cunning, youth and guile……..on The Wattmeister’s Christmas list from Santa.

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One Response to Wisdom and Youth — a Potent Combination

  1. Jason Goldsmith says:

    Loving your work, The Wattmeister,

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