A Chicken Wing Too Far…..The Movie (courtesy of Strava)

On Christmas Day, The Wattmeister traditionally devotes himself to enjoying the company of The Wattmeisterin, the two Wattmeisterlings, and sometimes The Wattmeister-in-law.

A typical and lovingly prepared five course lunch comprises:

energy bar or gel starter;

turkey flavoured protein shake;

soya milk ginger and beetroot sorbet ice cream;

spiced organic potato skins;

dessert: whey curd syllabub.

Preceded by a fizzy High-Five, and accompanied by authentic Himalayan pomegranate juice, this meal is both a highlight of the culinary calendar in Wattmeister House, and provides plenty of energy for the post meal spin up Swains Lane. (Coincidentally, it also does away with the need to eat the daily ration of prunes).

Late afternoon entertainment was latterly provided by a family game of Scrabble. However, in 1997, after The Wattmeister played ‘sprocket‘ and scored 212 points in one go, the other family members chose instead to watch a film.

Alas, the general level of family entertainment seems to have deteriorated in the last few years. For instance, The Queen never mentions Strava, despite the fact that TW has respectfully requested that she reads out his KOMs for the year.

Never mind, if you are at a loose end over the holiday period, The Wattmeister recommends you cast your eye over this: A Chicken Wing Too Far (2014)


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