Christmas Olympics Results

The Wattmeister’s results in annual Christmas Olympics at Wattmeister House 2014

Scrabble………   KOM       (100th year in succesion)

Boggle…………   KOM

Scattergories..   3rd of 4

Taboo………….   4th of 3    (doesn’t seem mathematically possible).

Hearts…………    KOM

A good finish to the year against strong opposition. Pressed very hard by Wattmeisterling 1 in the Boggle championships. Came back strongly in the Hearts card session after last year’s debacle, it helps to be the scorer.

Undefeated at Scrabble for over a century, thanks to cryonics (scores 346)





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2 Responses to Christmas Olympics Results

  1. kosmograd says:

    Cyrogenics [sic] wouldn’t score you anything, unless you’re cheating!

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