Recalling Muckle Flugga

It was a fine morning. Sparkling sunlight bounced off The Wattmeister’s shiny collection of audax medals, proudly displayed on the customised handlebars of his steel racer. The chilly wind still blew steadily from the West, but with much less bluster than yesterday.

A group of mature individuals assembled for the Sunday Muswell Hill Peloton outing. The list comprised: Iron Mike, The Lion King, Big Mig, Killer Kay, Wild Bill, Cup-a-Soup and The Wattmeister.

The 70 kilometre route had been designed to take in a few hills. Vineyards Road, Carbone Hill, Robin’s Nest Hill and Little Berkhampstead Lane would add a little ginger to proceedings.

It was a pleasure to witness so many large groups out on the road. CC London, Finsbury Park CC, Finchley Racing and Regents Park Rouleurs, headed by the powerful figure of Rhino RPR, were among the well organised groups churning out winter miles in the Hertfordshire countryside. Many smaller groups and individuals had also decided that today was the day to finally honour their New Year’s resolutions.

It was also encouraging to see the emerging popularity of cycling among the younger generation of twenty and thirty somethings.

But back to the MHP ride. Blighted by a surfeit of ear wax, and afflicted by a severe swelling of mucus membranes in his head, The Wattmeister was experiencing severe symptoms of catarrh, which were probably exacerbated by the ill-fitting aerodynamic carbon nose-piece which Slayer had purchased as a Secret Santa present. (Slayer was never much good at keeping a secret).

To make matters worse, the new 2015 team kit featured a proprietary self-heating material which was the probable cause of a nasty itch in a place The Wattmeister would prefer not to identify in a public blog.

Despite these hindrances, and still struggling to find the form which had deserted him since capturing the points jersey in the 1986 Tour of Muckle Flugga, The Wattmeister battled to a game victory on the Friern Barnet Town Hall sprint, (from the front and into a headwind). He achieved 953 watts for five seconds at 79% intensity of effort, which augurs well for the future….


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