Saga of the Blocked Bidons

Following yesterday evening’s plumbing shenanigans, the plumber departed at 10:00 p.m leaving the manor house with no hot or cold running water and The Wattmeister still kitted out in his San Francisco Randonneur jersey unable to take a much needed shower after several reconnaissance laps of Regents Park.


However, The Wattmeister is able to report that in this instance, a previous plumbing experience stood him in good stead.

Cast your minds back to the Hookah Classic one day race of 1986. The course stretched out over 220 kms  and started in Alexandria with a traditional Hubble Bubble smorgasbord reaching its climax in the Khan el Khalili souk in the centre of Cairo, where it usually ended in a hotly contested double Shisha sprint finish.

In this particular race, it was not unusual for riders to get lost due to the unique effect of testing out the Hookahs. The Wattmeister was under orders to ride for his team leader, Kaka the Carnivorous, but suffered badly in the heat of the desert when his bidons became blocked. As a mere domestique he was forced to sort out the problem alone armed only with the forerunner of a Topeak Hexus multitool, namely, the toothpick of a Swiss Army knife.

With a combination of dexterity and lung power, alternately blowing and sucking on the blocked bidon, The Wattmeister managed to clear the obstruction but in doing so copped a mouthful of sand which put paid to his chances of leading out Kaka in the sprint.

And so, 29 years later, he used these tactics once more to tease out the airlock in the water system, much to the wonder of The Wattmeisterin and the two Wattmeisterlings.


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