Investigated by The Wattmeisterin

Subsequent to yesterday’s blog, a diabolical tension has developed in Wattmeister Towers. It seems that The Wattmeisterin suspects that the sensible suggestion of buying more kit as a tax efficient strategy is in fact not a suggestion at all, but a fait accompli.

It has been agreed that The Wattmeister will provide an up to date inventory of all bikes, accessories and clothing (including compression socks) which are currently in his possession.

Paperwork, including receipts of purchase, service schedules, bank statements and training logs should also be presented dating back over the last six years. Old copies of Cycling Plus, Cycling Weekly, Cyclist, Rouleur, Cycling Active, The Cycle Journal and The Racing Post, which have spent years piled up in a handy position next to the toilet, are deemed to have been money spent unnecessarily on cycling related products.

(My word, hasn’t 10 speed dated quickly!)

As from this moment, cycling is deemed by The Wattmeisterin to be a luxury, a selfish indulgence which needs to be kept in check.

This is worse than receiving the manilla envelope from HMRC.




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