More Plumbing Woes

Wattmeisterling 1 discovered a pool of water in the cellar last night, but assumed that it was the aftermath of father’s 4 hour turbo session at Functional Threshold Power (267 watts and rising).

It turns out that the Vaillant boiler was leaking. The Wattmeister is very handy at fixing things. Soon enough, his trusty Topeak Hexus multi-tool and 2 Park Tool tyres levers were deployed in the repair. Fresh from electrocuting himself on Monday, he duly turned off the electricity, the water, the gas and his home made pacemaker (Mark 16).

After three hours of lying in a pool of rusty water on the cellar floor, practically blind in the darkness and within 5 minutes of freezing to death, The Wattmeister quit. There is a happy ending to this.

After some internet research in the early hours produced the name of a local heating engineer with good feedback and even better punctuation, a gentleman appeared in the drive of the Wattmeister Estate at 08:00 a.m and proceeded to diagnose the problem efficiently and helpfully. The next stage will be completed tomorrow, but the technician does NOT recommend the home user to attempt this with the aforementioned multi-tool.

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