Fastest Washing Machine in the World

Approaching the end of a trying week including a hospitalised mother (happily now back at home) , electrocution, a broken boiler (in the coldest week), a blocked drain  and a washing machine that stopped washing….there has been some good news with the help of Youtube and the internet.

Firstly, after dismantling the pipes underneath the bathroom sink, The Wattmeister managed to extract something disgusting which had resisted the dual onslaught of bicarbonate of soda and caustic soda crystals. After further investigation, the object turned out to be a long lost 7 speed chain from 1983, covered in hair and toothpaste which had obviously gone missing during a post-race strip down, (of the bike, not The Wattmeister).

Following on from this successful DIY operation, TW decided to take on the responsibility of repairing the washing machine despite Monday’s electrocution episode. With the combined help of an informative internet forum of experts and a step by step guide on Youtube, The Wattmeister’s excitement began to reach unmanageable levels when it became clear that the CARBON brushes in the motor needed replacing.

The opportunity to fit lightweight Torayco T1000 High Modulous carbon brushes and thus turn a Bosch into a Pinarello was just too difficult to resist, and so the project was given highest priority. A scheduled training ride was cancelled, and suitably dressed for the work in merino base layer (remember, the heating is off!), Rapha Paris-Brest-Paris brevet Jersey and deep winter bibtights, The Wattmeister proceeded to remove the plug from the socket, dismantle the motor from its housing and install the sleek new brushes.

After reassembling the equipment, and with no unexplained parts left over, the sound of the drum spinning again at 1200 rpm reminded The Wattmeister of that warm feeling of satisfaction he had felt on his first nearly successful puncture repair back in the 1960s when he patched the tube but forgot to replace the rim tape.







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