The New Beast of MHP (for the time being)

The strongest rouleur, the most explosive grimpeur, the world’s greatest cyclist is a goatherd in Mongolia, a shepherd in Namibia or perhaps is working in a Chinese paddy field. They have never even ridden a bicycle. So goes the apocryphal theory.

(With sincere apologies to Lion King, Slayer and Iron Mike who were under the illusion that one of them was the best).

In the meantime, the third most accomplished rider over the age of 55 in Muswell Hill Peloton muses over the current crop of riders to have recently joined the Peloton.

After Saturday’s powerful performance in Regents Park, Dingle Dave produced an even stronger showing on the Sunday morning run. A couple of his turns on the front put Big Mig and Rapid Ben in severe difficulty.

The Wattmeister is of the opinion that Dingle Dave is the goatherd, shepherd and rice field worker all rolled into one. He claims not to have seen a bike until August 2014 and to have smoked 20 Woodbines a day for 30 years. In the enforced absence of  G, The Wizard, Potter, another relative newcomer with bundles of ability, Dave is the new Beast on the Block.




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