Valentine’s Day Laps

Romance is alive and well, but there is a time and place for everything. Some of Muswell Hill Peloton’s finest riders showed their dedication (to cycling) by turning up for the usual Saturday morning laps in Regents Park.

Iron Mike, Lion King, Big Mig, Killer Kay, Rapid Ben, Doc and The Wattmeister reluctantly put the distraction of the Feast of St. Valentine to one side while they pummeled the tarmac. However, it was evident by the sparse attendance that many riders had chosen to spend this particular early morning with their loved ones.

The damp, grey conditions were not conducive to ultra fast times, but as the group gradually whittled down from seven to four, under the impelling forward force of Iron Mike, it became a matter of pride to take a turn on the front and hang on until the final sprint. Big Mig lit the touchpaper with a bold break from 800m out, a small part of The Wattmeister wanted him to be rewarded for his chutzpah, but it was not to be, and Lion King judged his effort well to take the spoils.

Back in Muswell Hill a couple of the guys headed straight to the Flower Seller to buy beautiful bouquets for their partners. The Wattmeister held back. He envisaged a special St. Valentine’s Day 2015 for The Wattmeisterin.

Closing his eyes, he saw scented candles, the finest dry lube and wet lubes that money can buy, latex gloves, a chain whip…..yes, he would present her with an hour’s intimate one to one bicycle maintenance tuition.

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