Mechanicals and Restored Faith in Human Nature

For the first time in living memory, The Wattmeister set off on a pre-Classics training ride from Muswell Hill without a chain splitting tool. The inevitable happened, the rear mech hanger sheared after 105 kms which necessitated a long walk from South Mimms to Barnet.

Despite these travails, two good things occurred. A taxi driver called Darren stopped on Kitts End Road and offered TW a lift to Barnet and would not take any payment. Thank you Darren. Soon after, Doc from Muswell Hill Peloton arrived in his electronic Volvo and whisked The Wattmeister back to the safety of Muswell Hill.

Lessons learned: always carry a chain splitter…( I knew that!) : consider carrying a spare rear mech hanger: taxi drivers do have hearts of gold: Doc is the funniest man in the Peloton: The Wattmeister has a new smartphone, 99% of its functions are rendered completely useless without a set of reading glasses.

The ride itself had been a great success, incorporating a visit to the Farmer’s Wife at Ardeley and the discovery of some mucky, traffic free lanes in the vicinity of St. Pauls Walden near Hitchin. ‘Lost’ is not a word that features in The Wattmeister’s vocabulary, but there is always a frisson of excitement and panic when you need the sun to navigate a route back to civilisation….in this case, the delightful town of Codicote.

As with the aforementioned smartphone, a Garmin is practically useless for navigation purposes without spectacles. Still, the route has been recorded for posterity, and in the not too distant future the Muswell Hill Peloton will experience the delights of some wonderful bucolic Hertfordshire country lanes.




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