The Resurgence of Iron Mike





Come on brain, think of something to write.

OK. Come on legs, suck up the pain and keep spinning. Stay in touch with Iron Mike. Follow the track of his white tyres. Watch his cadence. He’s pushing a big gear, devouring the tarmac. I can’t match this rhythm it’s the rhythm of white noise. Torture…don’t think about it.

It’s amazing, he has been sat on the front for ages. I’ll give him a break.

Wow! It’s windy up here,  I can’t sustain this pace for long, I’ll have to back off…. here he comes again, Rapha gilet rippling in the breeze.  I sprint to catch his wheel. Where are the others? They must be hanging on for dear life.

Relentless, non-stop, unyielding; Iron Mike smashes through the 10, 20, 30, 40 kilometre markers with only token assistance from The Wattmeister.

Black Lion Hill temporarily takes the edge off him, but the run over the top to Shenley and Borehamwood is taken at furious pace which briefly sheds a couple of riders from the group.

Back on the front again on the climb up Rowley Lane to Barnet, Mike drives on like a man possessed. He’s a couple of months off 57 years of age, but he’s turning back the clock. A modern day cycling King Canute….defying the inevitable march of time.

Taking on the pace setting down Friern Barnet Lane, he attempts to win the sprint from the front.  Impossible, Quixotic, stubborn, noble, arrogant and bold….The Wattmeister eclipses him, but it’s the most hollow of victories. We all know who the guv’nor is on this ride.

Statistics:  distance….76 kms:  average temperature…..0 degrees:  average speed….29 km ph.



































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































#Best Bike:




















































































































Best Supporting Bike:



Best Long Distance Bike:

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