Patented Cure for Insomnia

Following a suggestion from The Wattmeisterin, a most practical and pragmatic woman, The Wattmeister may have stumbled across a cure for sleeplessness.

To be sure, from time to time, we are all troubled by issues which prevent us from enjoying a restful night. In the Wattmeister’s case, this is sometimes caused by RVS, Repetitive Visualisation Stress, which for example, is the phenomenon of playing out in his mind the build-up and denouement of the Saturday morning Regents Park sprint, or perhaps running through the opening and closing times of the 15 controls on Paris-Brest-Paris.

Sleep will not embrace him until each pedal stroke of the last lap has been closely scrutinised in this wakeful dream. The painful effort required is not diminished by the fact that he is lying in his bed. Only a victory over Wolf, Slayer and Lion King, or a sub 70 hour PBP can return him to the Land of Nod.

In order to combat this disorder, The Wattmeisterin has volunteered to be a guinea pig in a revolutionary (forgive the pun) new sleep-inducing exercise pioneered by her husband. So far the results suggest that the procedure is successful for both parties.

How it works: quite simply, the first step is to explain to the insomniac the formula for calculating gear inches, i.e, the distance a bike moves forward with one revolution of the pedals.

So far so good. Generally speaking, Gear Inches = the diameter of the drive wheel multiplied by the number of teeth in the front chainrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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