Psychic Tip for Cheltenham

According to The Wattmeister’s Cycling Trivia Calendar, today is #International Psychic Cyclist Day…..whose slogan is, “Let’s See What’s Around the Corner….Anyway”.

Funnily enough, though it is probably no coincidence, while TW was grilling his cheese on toast this morning, he was struck by a sudden psychic bolt from the blue. (Bolts from the blue are always sudden, but a psychic one is something special).

Anyway, although we have already commented on the suddenness of this phenomenon, curiously, for a few seconds time seemed to stand still. The image of a racehorse appeared on The Wattmeister’s melting cheese and the name of the horse, Activial, was thrust into his conciousness. A quick recce of the Racing Post website confirms that this horse is running at Cheltenham today in the 2.40 Coral Hurdle.

The last time this happened, back in June 1974, the circumstances were slightly different as the horse’s name, Snow Knight, appeared in the runny yoke of a boiled egg, but the horse went on to win the Epsom Derby that very afternoon at odds of 50/1. Unfortunately, The Wattmeister was not aware of his psychic bent at that time and did not invest his pocket money each way.

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