Close Encounters with a Duck

Regents Park, Saturday morning 28th March.

Among those present:

Lion King, Wizard, Big Mig, Slayer, Cool Hand Luke, Green Giant, Pistol, SavilleRow, Judge, Killer, DingleDave, Iron Mike, Wolf and The Wattmeister.

A big group assembled for this ride. Lion King and Wizard are both on the comeback trail after serious injuries, The Wattmeister is recovering from a chest problem and SavilleRow is testing out his dodgy knee.

After a winter of creeping out of bed and getting kitted up in the dark, it is a pleasure to leave the house in daylight before the sparrow’s fart. However, mid-March has proven to be not much warmer than January.  In addition. a chill wind has been blowing from the North…this ageing sprinter is longing for some warmer air.

Nevertheless, the peloton, no doubt inspired by Geraint Thomas’s fabulous victory in Friday’s E3 Harelbeke, cracked on regardless of the conditions. Iron Mike is in rare form, and ably assisted by DingleDave, Pistol et al., a high pace was maintained for 6 laps despite the regular interventions of red traffic signals.

On lap 5, a bemused duck found itself on the road at the top of the Park with a group of fast moving bikes bearing down on it. Perhaps it couldn’t fly away like we all hoped it would. Evasive action was taken by the peloton and I’m pleased to report that the duck survived unscathed, though visibly perplexed. It caused several riders to lose rhythm, and necessitated a hard chase to regain the main group.

If the duck is reading this, (for which I would be most grateful), apologies from The Wattmeister on behalf of MHP for giving you such a fright, but next time use the pelican crossing.

As a large group lined up for the sprint to Parkway, The Wattmeister had an epiphany…..why spoil the enjoyment of a sprint by going fast? Why not slow things down and make it last?

Congrats to Slayer who skilfully avoided the doping control outside Sainsburys in Muswell Hill. They will catch up with you one day.

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