Powerhouses of the Peloton in Gent Wevelgem

What a race! Take a bow these riders who battled heavy rain and strong winds in today’s edition of the semi-classic.

Luca Paolini, Niki Terpstra, Geraint Thomas, Stijn Vandebergh, Sep Vanmarcke, Daniel Oss, Jurgen Roelandts and Jens Debusschere.

Only 39 riders finished. All credit must go to Maarten Tjallingi who finished last. He was part of a long breakaway in Milan San Remo last weekend and, for the second week running, he spent hours out in front of the peloton in atrocious conditions, and could have easily climbed off once his chance had gone.

Geraint Thomas was literally blown off his bike. Jack Bauer threw his into a ditch. Jurgen Roelandts boldly went on the attack after catching Tjallingi a full 80 kms from the finish. Stijn Vandenbergh, at 6′ 6″ tall, scoops up the wind like a spinnaker, but once again he was to be found dragging the peloton along in pursuit of the leaders. Daniel Oss and his distinctive mullet also joined the party which of course was won by the peloton’s finest beard….owned by 38 year old Luca Paolini.

Next week, Luca says he will go back to being a super domestique for Kristoff.

Thank you Luca. The Wattmeister takes strength from your performance today….but go back to being a domestique……for Lion King? or Slayer? NEVER!!

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