Belgian Bus Buzzes Tandem

Beware the driver of the Number 5 bus who drives the route between Nisramont and Nadrin on Good Friday at around 12.30 p.m.

The Wattmeister, accompanied by Wattmeisterling Numero Uno on the Circe tandem, experienced a near death experience as they descended the N483 to the barrage de Nisramont. 

Never in all his cycling adventures has a moving vehicle come so close without actually touching. Had The Wattmeister flicked his elbow to invite the following rider in the peloton to come through, he would have grazed his elbow and activated his funny bone, (which is incidentally short of good material).

Wattmeisterling Numero Uno, on her first ever tandem ride at age 23, is still in shock, more from being exposed to her father’s stream of swear words in fluent Belgian than from the alarming proximity of the bus.

“Just what is a Vieze Klootzak, Lord Wattmeister?” (She is a very formal young lady).

Shaken up, flustered even, the father/daughter combination nevertheless settled into a good rhythm on the climbs of Filly, Samree, Berismenil and Hives to complete at hilly 40 kilometre ride comprising 750 metres of ascent.

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