It’s Not a Race

Picture the scene.

Manningtree Station at midnight plus one minute on Saturday 11th April 2015. The Wattmeister, SavilleRow, Pistol and Doc from Muswell Hill Peloton, plus guest rider Ben J will be setting off on a 300 kilometre odyssey with 135 other riders….a qualifier for Paris-Brest-Paris, which takes place in August.

Navigating in darkness through the counties of Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk to Burnham Deepdale on the North Norfolk coast. As the day dawns, the intrepid band will head back from whence they came, hopefully within the maximum allowed time of 20 hours.

No doubt Pistol and SavilleRow will forget their midweek assertions that they will ‘take it easy’. These two like a bit of a tear-up, especially when it is The Wattmeister’s old legs which get torn up. Navigation is not their strongest suit, so perhaps the night riding will be more sedate.

Doc and Ben are two strong and resolute randonneurs who can more than hold their own on this long distance stuff but it remains to be seen whether the group will stay together to lead out the sprint return to Manningtree Station on Saturday afternoon.

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