303 Kilometres in the Big Ring

Saturday 11th April 2015… a landmark day in British sport. Tony McCoy’s last ever ride in The Grand National, Oxford whitewash in the Men’s and Women’s boat races, and The Wattmeister notches up his 100th career sprint victory in the evocatively named Green and Yellow Fields audax…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audax_%28cycling%29

As sprint victories go, the dash to Finningham Village Sign, http://finningham.org.uk/blog/, is not universally recognised in comparison to the charge down the Champs Elysees at the end of the Tour de France or the gallop of the peloton on the Via Roma in the final 400 metres of Milan-San Remo.

There were no fans present in the teeming rain to witness the raw surge of power (approximately 1113 watts for 10 seconds) as The Wattmeister drew clear of a bemused peloton and punched the air in salute.

Of course, the victory took place in his drenched head. The peloton of 6 had no idea that there was an intermediate sprint at Finningham. The Wattmeister and female RAAM solo entrant Shu P had been chasing a group of 5 riders for about an hour.

As the gap closed, both Shu and The Wattmeister tacitly agreed to sweep by in focused silence. Whooosh! The distinct clicking of desperate gear changes sounded out as the group frantically tried to latch on to the ShuMeister express. And then, the coup de grace was executed in a glorious blaze of self-delusion.

Show The Wattmeister a village sign and he will always deliver a signature sprint.

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