No Secrets to a Successful Diet

After yesterday’s blog, The Wattmeister has been inundated with requests for more information regarding…” the secrets of his success…”, “…the secrets of his diet…” and so on.

He would like to make it clear that there are no secrets, no special potions or creams and absolutely no skullduggery. (The Lion King once spread a malicious rumour that one of his Strava KOMs was achieved in a car).

On the topic of diet, a typical day’s intake starts with a bowl of porridge infused with home made jam from Ally Pally plus a black coffee, (Martyn’s Continental Blend ground to number 7), at around 07:30 a.m.

As soon as this has been digested, it is followed by another black Americano and fresh pastry at Carluccio’s for the princely sum of 2 quid, OR (sometimes AND), a full English breakfast at one of Muswell Hill’s fine cafés.

If it is a training day, The Wattmeister will squeeze into one of his flattering array of lycra outfits in order to burn off the excess calories.

Lunch is always a simple repast, à la paysan, for example, soup taken with a loaf of bread accompanied by a pack of unsalted butter and a bag of crisps, (and perhaps a couple of KitKats).

The evening meal is complicated by the fact that the Wattmeisterin and Wattmeisterling numero uno are both vegetarians, whereas TW and TW Mark 2 both enjoy such delicacies as pork with crackling, beef dripping and lamb  shanks.

Over the years, a form of compromise has been found whereby the Wattmeister kitchen can accommodate the division in dietary requirements. Alas, pulses can have a nasty side effect. On those days following the vegetarian option, The Wattmeister can be found sitting diplomatically at the tail of the peloton.20150217_084201

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