Countdown to Saturday Regents Park

The guard dog at Wattmeister Estate, known as Crackmeister, has been entrusted with a new job.

In the absence of Slayer, Iron Mike, DingleDave and Mark Cavendish, The Wattmeister seems to have an outstanding chance of conceding many years to the remainder of the group and taking tomorrow’s sprint to Parkway.

Lion King has been on the injured list after falling of and denting the Olympic Velodrome, Wizard is recovering from a broken leg, Wolf took a nasty fall last weekend and was lucky to land on BigMig…who, in turn, is eternally grateful that it was not Gray Goliath who flattened him.

Judge, Killer, RaphaPaul have all improved rapidly (and a bit suspiciously) over the past few weeks., and could cause an upset, however, The Wattmeister is now one of the big favourites to triumph this weekend.

Therefore, the aforementioned Crackmeister, a golden furred rescue mongrel dear to TW’s heart, has been given the important task of testing Wattmeister’s grub before he hoovers it up.

Those scoundrels in the Muswell Hill Peloton just cannot be trusted to play the game!

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