Next Comeback Race

Fresh* from two comeback races, The Wattmeister is now looking forward to the next challenge, something that is better suited to his unique strengths, namely a stage race.

Having spent many hours searching the British Cycling Federation’s website, Loot (good for second hand races), and The Half-Jewish Chronicle**, all to no avail, the directeur sportif at High5berMovesU, has selected The Wattmeister as road captain for the 400km audax, entitled “Asparagus and Strawberries” starting from Manningtree in Essex on May 9th.

As the third Paris-Brest-Paris qualifier in a series of four, the overnight ride promises to be a cracker with over 200 riders including Pistol, Doc and SavilleRow.

Moving on (ever more slowly), the Spring Classics have finished for this season. Together with the retirements this weekend of peerless sportspersons, A.P. McCoy and Paula Radcliffe, there is some sadness and wonderment too in Wattmeister Towers , at the swift passing of time.

* Read: unscathed and in one piece.

**Half-inched from the book Alan Stoob, Nazihunter by MHP’s own comic writing genius, Saul Wordsworth.

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