Ignis Fatuus

Lush green leaves adorn the trees, sparkling white hawthorn blossoms cascade onto wispy cowslip bordering the pavements. Daisies, buttercups and a plethora of other flowers scatter and sprinkle colour like a magical Milky Way to herald the arrival of Spring.

After a winter of committed training on the roads and in the gym, only marred by a complete inability to resist chocolate chip cookies and cheese and onion crisps, The Wattmeister has grasped Spring with an iron grip.

Despite being closer to three score than a bullseye, in his mind he sees the world as if he was a mere thirty something

His harmless narcissism knows no bounds. For instance, this evening, lulled by the warmer air and hungry for some bike action, he headed to Regents Park for some anti-clockwise laps.

For this mission, kit selection was important.

Black Nalini bibshorts to show off the powerful quads and stonking calves. Retro Santini ‘wool tech’ long sleeve top to hide the less than powerful biceps and triceps but creating an illusion of sinewy athleticism. White Mavic Avenge shoes to match the font on the Santini top.

A dash of Sudocreme (invisible).

The Giant Propel with deep section Fast Forward wheels was chosen for the task.

Propel FFwd - Copy (2)

On the ride to the Park, The Wattmeister pushed down and pulled up on the pedals, maximising the effect of pumping up the leg muscles and oozing power from the waist down. In his mind women swooned as his lithe but mature form dispensed a scintilla of animal magnetism as he passed by on this single-minded quest.

A legion of mostly younger cyclists stomped around the Park. The Wattmeister traded pulls on the front with anyone and everyone. Heart rate soaring, hubris puffed up like a peacock, suddenly his phone rang…

“…hello Mum…”

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