Daydreams and Merckx

Having missed the weekly Sunday morning Muswell Hill Peloton ride, The Wattmeister was chomping at the bit. A surplus of minor denomination watts had secreted themselves down the back of the sofa with several pre-decimal coins. Time for a visit to the gym.

A brief but intense programme of weights was initiated to cover biceps, triceps, shoulders and back, followed by a 45 minute spin class.

Back in Wattmeister Mansions, after the normal recovery packet of chocolate chip cookies, The Wattmeister dozed peacefully on the sofa. In his reverie, the great Eddy Merckx texted him. After the usual pleasantries, (well done on your recent Personal Best up Swains Lane), the gist of the text went along the lines that he would swap his 525 professional victories. including all the Grand Tours and Classics for The Wattmeister’s Strava KOM entitled “Sprint to Ridge Sign”…..UNBEATABLE texted Eddy in capital letters.

Suitably flattered, The Wattmeister awoke, checked on Strava that no one had stolen his KOM, and is currently dozing again on the aforementioned sofa, a suggestion of dribble oozing down his chin.

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2 Responses to Daydreams and Merckx

  1. Hang on…the Wattmeister’s nicked my dream!

  2. stravamad says:

    Compulsive plagiarist!

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