Blitz and Pieces

After Friday’s testing 140 km ride into a headwind, naturellement Le Wattmeister slept like Rip Van Winkel (3 times winner of Paris-Roubaix-Paris).

At cock’s crow, he bounded out of his horsehair filled palliasse and kitted up for the weekly Saturday Morning stomp around Regents Park. Some of the regular crew were absent, but Lion King, Pistol, DingleDave, Boudicca, Killer, Long Tom, RaphaPaul, Rupert and Young James graced the peloton with their presence.

Before one lap had been completed, a group of young bucks from Islington CC came flying past and the tone was set for the next 45 minutes…..for those that could hang on.

One by one, over the course of six fast and furious laps, the mature MHP rouleurs were spat out the back of the group. However, many of the vanquished recorded their fastest ever lap times. Finally, only DingleDave and Young James remained in the fray. Even Le Wattmeister’s aerodynamic nose couldn’t save him on the final lap.

There are only a finite amount of watts that a man of certain age can produce over an extended period….without succumbing to either cardiac arrest or breakfast revisited.

For now, the riding and writing will be curtailed due to the small matter of assisting Shu Pillinger in her RAAM solo attempt. It is a good feeling to finish on a high note.

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