Breakfast at Midnight


A few clichés ahead of RAAM:

everything is bigger in the USA.  The Wattmeister’s bed in the ‘Napolean’ suite is so huge that it has its own Strava segment.

Title of The Wattmeister’s new novel: Lost in Walmart.

Today, the real work begins ahead of Shu’s solo RAAM attempt. The two bikes which accompanied us across the pond, Sagan and Wiggo, need to be built up in order that Shu can keep her legs ticking over.

Another trip to Walmart beckons to collect pre-ordered supplies. If we can find our way out, a more pleasant assignment awaits in the form of a visit to a local bike shop to stock up on inner tubes, and perhaps for The Wattmeister to hire a bike to accompany Shu on a recce mission to the Glass Elevator…..a notoriously winding descent/ ascent in the vicinity of the Anza Borrego Desert

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