Scrambled Segments

Much is happening on many levels in the days leading up to the start of RAAM. The Wattmeister has partitioned his brain into segments to accommodate this activity (and naturally has all the KOMs).

There is a ‘practical’ segment which covers the bikes, equipment, checklists, rules and mechanical responsibilities.

The ‘ personal’ partition includes the team building process, interactions with other crews and officials, and trying to update progress with the UK via Facebook, blog and airmail letters (do they still exist?).

Finally, there is a kind of ‘cultural’ segment which pertains to adapting to the subtle changes between the UK and the USA.

A couple of examples:

the roads are busy, but drivers seem more patient and less spiteful than in London.

The shopping experience is markedly different. Space is inexpensive so the stores occupy similar space to a small suburb. In Walmart, the ‘hardware’ section is a decent Strava segment from the ‘groceries’ area. The choice of products is immense and seems to have an hypnotic effect on customers.

Including TheWattmeister, who went in for some batteries for his cut price electronic shifters, and found himself standing at the check out with a pizza the size of Neptune.

Tomorrow the race starts.

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