Wimbledon (It’s Not All Cycling Here)

In his youth, The Wattmeister was an avid tennis player, almost reaching county level (Rutland). He possessed a service measured in 1972 at approximately 140 m.p.h by a then state of the art Casio digital stopwatch,  which was only surpassed in 1998 by Greg Rusedski’s 149 mph serve in the Newsweek Champions Cup.

Despite a stellar career in cycling, including a General Classification victory in the Tour of Tristan da Cunha and a memorable breakaway from the crossroads at Potters Bar to the Welcome to Barnet sign, (still talked about in awe at certain North London coffee shops), The Wattmeister has maintained his links with the world of tennis and looks forward to spending a day at the All England Club.

Therefore during the week, it was no surprise to see The Wattmeister strolling around the outside courts dressed in his specially tailored Green Jacket (formerly the Green Jersey in the Tour of Wanstead Flats), complemented by a rather elegant Panama hat. However, before he could say Djmoladin Abdoujaparov, an official appeared; he found himself being ushered towards the centre court and was very soon occupying a raised wooden chair with a birds eye view close to the net.

“My word”, he thought, “this is a very fine way to honour the Strava KOM on Ridge Sprint Sign, what a corking seat”.


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