Hacked by NASA?

Following on from the recent furore surrounding the alleged hacking of Chris Froome’s power data, The Wattmeister has installed an encryption device on his own laptop (and typewriter for good luck), in order to deter potential hackers who could be interested in discrediting the former solo breakaway specialist’s Strava KoMs.

This morning he received his an encrypted email from NASA regarding recent cycling activity recorded on his Garmin 810 and subsequently uploaded to Strava.

The gist of the message was a polite request from the Space Agency to kindly moderate his lap speed at Regents Park, as the gyroscopic forces being generated by this activity was affecting the orbit of their satellites.

Obviously, this was a spoof message from either Slayer or LionKing, who are apt to lovingly tease the older sprinter in advance of the weekly Saturday morning laps in Regents Park,  so The Wattmeister replied with a playful, “NASA my arse”, type of mail.

Within seconds, he received a reply with a photograph of Pluto and its ice mountains….the accompanying text simply reads: “this is where we send dopers…..xxx Nasa (follow us on Twitter and Facebook).

Slayer and LionKing lead insular lives and wouldn’t know that Pluto has ice mountains, so the mails can’t come from them. Perhaps the Wattmeisterin is up to her old tricks.

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