3 Minutes to Happiness

No scoundrels, it’s not what you think!

The gym have instigated a 3 minute aerobic power test on the Wattbike. This has generated a lot of interest from the in-house trainers and some of the keener members. A leaderboard with the top six male and female scores sits next to the machine.

The idea is to cycle as far as possible in 3 minutes.

Naturally, The Wattmeister’s semi-professional interest was excited by this challenge. Successful completion of this task involves a measure of pain management and an overwhelming mental desire to want to do it.

3 minutes! How hard can it be.? Less than half a lap of Regents Park. The Wattmeister began to rationalise, visualise and tantalize himself with a variety of scenarios. The top score this morning stood at 2391 metres.

Suitably nourished, hydrated, stretched, rolled and utterly fixated, he warmed up for twelve minutes before witnesses in the form of Personal Trainers came along to offer encouragement and time updates.

The first minute lasts but 60 seconds. The second minute, with its heightened pain and suffering defies description as cadence begins to falter and the muscles are drowned in lactic acid.  But the final minute is a desperate, seemingly never ending fight to combine breathing frantically and pedalling furiously in an attempt to prove ….. what?

Suffice to say whatever it is,  was worth it. The Wattmeister tops the board with 2410 metres conceding 12 years and more to his younger rivals.

431 average watts. 171 average heart rate. 103 average cadence.

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