Prudential Ride London 100

The Wattmeister was forced to follow Ride London from afar while several members of Muswell Hill Peloton carried the club flag.

Slayer finished in a magnificent 346th place of 19,000 starters which in itself is unusual, as he seems to have acquired a liking for 12th place in all his previous races.

SavilleRow, RapidBen and LionKing all finished in a heap just inside the top 10%, with Doc, Judge and KillerKay not too far behind. A tremendous effort by the team, and not one of them failed the subsequent drugs test, although as always, we await the ‘B’ sample….most fortunate that Pistol was absent from the starting line-up.

As mentioned, TW was on mother-in-law duty in Holland, but briefly managed to absent himself from this delightful duty in order to compete in the Ronde van Runderlappen for Half Jews in Leidschenhage shopping centre, despite being an eighth Russian and a quarter out of sorts.

It is possible but unlikely that The Wattmeisterin’s mother will read this blog. Suffice to say that in his short but sweet visit to The Netherlands, The Wattmeister has learned in some detail of the ailments and incapacitation of several friends, relatives and acquaintances of th M-in-L, and has been given a comprehensive list of stroke victims to revise.

Next week, preparation begins for Paris-Brest-Paris. The bike is in good shape, but the rider has seen better days, only this morning he was overtaken in Regents Park by a young lad on a mountain bike carrying a huge backpack!

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