Post PBP Shenanigans

On this Bank Holiday Saturday, The Wattmeister needed the assistance of a persistent alarm clock to rouse him from a dark cave of slumber in order to participate in Muswell Hill Peloton’s weekly lactic burn around Regents Park.

Nowadays, the seasoned baroudeur needs about 100 kms in his legs before he has sufficiently warmed up to do battle with Lion King, Long Tom, Killer, SaviileRow and RapidBen. Throw General Yoda RPR and pals into the mix and the weight of expectation turns into an almost physical burden.

Admitting defeat after barely half a lap, TW joined forces with SavilleRow and LongTom in a vain pursuit of the fast boys. Teaming up with some guys from Islington CC, the session was no less enjoyable for its comparatively marginal lack of speed. The same pain exists in tandem with an ongoing series of mind games as we strived to maintain a decent tempo for seven laps.

On the final run up to Parkway, with Lion King already half a lap ahead, LongTom wound up the sprint from the front and stormed clear of Alex and TheWattmeister in impressive style a la Cancellara in Compiegne 2007….Cancellara Compiegne.

It is always a little disappointing to fall a little short of one’s best, but in a long career strewn with low spots, and who can forget the *Fartlek Fiasco of 1979*, The Wattmeister has learned to soak up the ridicule and teasing jibes of his younger team mates. “You are old enough to apply your own SudoCreme”, he retorts, even though this work is his prime source of income.

*Fartlek Fiasco of 1979* …occurred in a solo breakaway (into a headwind) in the Tour of Tristan da Cuhna. Fartlek means “speed play” in Swedish, but due to a poor connection with the team car radio, The Wattmeister pushed a little too hard.

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