Sneaking Out and Back In.

Damn the paparazzi….permanently camped outside Wattmeister Towers in the hope of stealing a photograph of The Wattmeister in his brand new Paris-Brest-Paris jersey (short-sleeved).

Yesterday, he had to sneak out in disguise at the crack of dawn, wearing the polka dot top which he won in the Tour of Wanstead Flats (1981).  The ramifications of this were that he was expected to crest each and every hill on Sunday’s  Muswell Hill Peloton club run in first place.

RingoKid, DelBoy, BigMig, The HitMan, Cat and RapidBen seemed galvanised by the old warrior’s brio and made sure there was little recovery time between the succession of inclines. RingoKid in particular is keen to secure a contract for 2016 and put in such powerful turns on the front of the group that the red dots were blown off The Wattmeister’s jersey on a stretch of road known on Strava as “Swanland Full Gas”.

The group reformed on Horseshit Bridge over the A1, (I thought the dogs couldn’t be that big), and marched up Galley Lane for the inevitable tear-up into Barnet and then Whetstone.

Technically, RingoKid won the sprint on Friern Barnet Lane, but only because he had broken away near B&Q’s with Rapid Ben in tepid pursuit.

After a pleasant coffee with the crew at Feast Delicatessen, The Wattmeister snuck back into Wattmeister Manor past the encamped paparazzi disguised as  Fausto Coppi. These youngsters really don’t know too much.

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One Response to Sneaking Out and Back In.

  1. Aha, the old Coppi false nose and aviator shades!

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