Crop Circles and other Phenomena

Briefly. During the night some writing appeared on the road outside the Wattmeister Estate.

Wattmeister chalk

There are a number of conflicting theories in circulation as to the provenance of the script.

  1. It is the work of a fan, perhaps LionKing, Slayer or Iron Mike.
  2. It is anagram with a secret message…for example A Twitter’s Theme.
  3. Banksy seeking to boost his credibilty.
  4. Aliens looking for enlightenment.
  5. Playful work of an extremely literate local skulk of foxes.

Tonight, The Wattmeister plans to remain wakeful and alert in the event that the culprit returns with another message. It may impinge on his chances of winning tomorrow morning’s sprint in Regent’s Park, but the mystery needs to be solved.

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