Jonny Wilkinson…Diplomat

On the eve of the 2015 Rugby Union World Cup, The Wattmeister finds himself in an Aldi supermarket on the edge of Vivonne, a small town in the Poitou-Charentes département of France.

The Wattmeisterin does not bat an eyelid when a well fed Frenchman picks up a rugby ball and drop kicks it in the direction of  The Wattmeister who is about to choose some duck rillettes at the bargain price of 2 euros and 29 centimes.

His reflexes do not fail him, as he deftly drops the rillettes into the shopping trolley whilst plucking the flying rugby ball out of the air one-handed. The Frenchman, who has seen his fair share of rillettes, is much impressed, and a long conversation ensues of the GREATNESS of Jonny Wilkinson as an Englishman in France, a booteur extraordinaire, and as someone who has changed this particular Frenchman’s opinion of English people in general. Jonny singlehandedly united the two nations in this portly gentleman’s view.

The Wattmeister deemed it only fair to mention in passing some of the great French players of yesteryear: Claude and Walter Spanghero, Serge Blanco, Sebastien Chabal and so on.

Therefore, a mundane shopping trip evolved into further development of the entente cordiale with thanks to Jonny, a loose rugby ball and an overweight but genial Frenchman.

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