Apathy in the Pyrenees

The Wattmobile continues its journey southwards in search of some elusive sunshine. Mobbed by fans in Mimizan-Plage, after claiming yet another Strava KOM on Foret Mimizan, The Wattmeisterin and The Wattmutt decided to steal away in the dead of night, (I hope she paid for the campsite), while The Wattmeister continued his ‘recovery month’.

After topping up the fridge with more rillettes, the trio happened upon the town of Orthez, near Pau. It never ceases to amaze, but once again, the fans were out in force, how they manage to judge The Wattmeister’s whereabouts is a mystery….even WADA couldn’t locate him for ‘out of competition’ dope tests.

After signing several autographs, kissing numerous babies, (The Wattmeister is CRB certificated), and shaking the hands of various dignitaries, The Wattmeisterin informed everyone that the Wattmobile was heading back north….and duly turned south towards the Pyrenees.

“Conquering” is a bit strong, but The Wattmeister ascended the Aubisque, Soulor and Tourmalet passes ¬†gracefully, with no sign of the fan club. The scenery, even with only one good eye, was magical. An eagle flew directly overhead but on sighting The Wattmeister’s prodigious proboscis flew off in the opposite direction, having met his match.

After a pleasant couple of days at Luz St. Sauveur, The Wattmeisterin decided that she would like to practice her Spanish, so we drove across the very same Tourmalet pass which exacted so many watts the previous day.

Not a peep of admiration from The Wattmeisterin and only a bored yawn from the Wattmutt.

I give up!

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