Battling On

Despite the joint indifference of The Wattmeisterin and The bearded Wattmutt regarding our aged hero’s cycling endeavours, the show must go on.

To wit, the Wattmobile and entourage are now based near the ancient town of Ainsa in northern Aragon. It just so happens that the seventh round of the World Cup Enduro series is taking place and the old town is thronged with fit young daredevils of both sexes.

The Wattmeister’s road bike sticks out like a sore thumb, but word must have got around that he was going to have a tilt at the Strava KOM on the Calle B climb to the hilltop village of Sieste…1.5 kms at 7% gradient.

The crowd must have been 6 or 7 deep, possibly even 8 or 9, there was hardly enough room to breathe, let alone swing his shoulders from side to side like Alberto Contador. With his heart rate at a level that no man of his age should have to endure, and his renowned varicose veins visible from outer space, The Wattmeister forced himself through the seething cauldron of humanity to finish….second overall by a mere 11 seconds.

Tomorrow, a haircut, toenail trim and crack wax should lose enough extra weight to claim the KOM and regain The Wattmeisterin’s admiration. The Wattmutt’s can be bought with a Schmacko.

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